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Cake flour swans down

Brand Swans Down
Weight 0.04 Pounds
Package Weight 1.97 Kilograms
Item Form Raw

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  • Cake Flour for Baking: Swans Cake Flour is a pure soft flour that does not contain a leavening agent or salt. It is the perfect cake and pastry flour for your desserts and treats
  • Downright Delicious: America’s favorite cake baking flour can be used for all scratch baking recipes. Use with cookies, pies, cupcakes, bars, brownies, coffee cake, muffins, bread and even pancakes
  • Bleached Flour: For over 100 years, bakers have preferred Swans Down Cake Flour. Swans Down is made from the finest American soft winter wheat and repeatedly sifted so that its 27 times finer than all-purpose flour
  • Swans Down Cake Flour: Our flour is precise enough to yield cakes that rise higher with textures that are lighter, fluffier, more moist and more delicious than regular all-purpose flour
  • A Generational Recipe: From grandmothers to mothers, from mothers to daughters, since 1894, bakers who know have passed down the knowledge that Swans Down Cake Flour is the one ingredient for which there is no substitute


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